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RanCanCan Burlesque 
 at the legendary El San Juan Hotel


Experience RanCanCan Burlesque, 

A Nostalgic Show of beautifully choreographed dance & tease set to live music.

Featuring divine singers, hosts and occasional variety acts.

Dazzling Energy, Classic Style & A Latin Mystique only the island's finest talent can deliver.

Created by world reknowed burlesque dancer Dakota Ferreiro, aka Miss Dakota., assisted by multi-talented artist & World Choreography Award Winner Leo Moctezuma

With 27 years of professional dance experience on stage and screen & 17 years as a Burlesque Dance Headliner, starting in Las Vegas & LA.  Moving on to creative consult, direct, produce & run an entertainment company that housed LA's top talent to top clients & events.

RanCanCan, the name itself originated from the song 'Ran Kan Kan' & sound made famous by Puerto Rican (Nuyorican) artist, Tito Puente and the french cabaret style dance, the Can Can. Ferreiro, a Nuyorican herself, felt this name reflected the essence of the production. Created in Puerto Rico, specifically for Puerto Rico, to bring the opportunity for the island to showcase their talents for locals and tourists alike with an esthetic only Miss Dakota could create!

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