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Creative Director / Consultant. Dancer. Producer. Choreogragher. Dancer.  DJ


HOUSTON HOSPITALITY LA: Dakota has Consulted and Aided in the Success of Houston Hospiatlity LA by instilling and implementing entertainment into their businesses. In 2008, Houston Hospitality acquire Ivan Kanes Forty Deuce. A venue in LA & LV where Dakota headlined on contract for 5 years. In a chance to continue employment opportunities for herself & cast Dakota created the concept of Pour Vous by verbalizing her ideas for Parisian style cabaret, including a bird cage as a focal point & musicians to accompany the performer. Later this became POUR VOUS.

2009 being called upon to assist in developing the Staging, Theme & Entertainemnt for what is now one of the most successful cabaret venues in Los Angeles (10 years running), Cuban Themed Burlesque Venue LA DESCARGA.  


__________________________________________________CreativeDirector/ Producer

MISS DAKOTA's expertise performing in Cabaret shows, Venues & Events around the World has led her to  cross over to the production side as CREATIVE DIRECTOR/ PRODUCER. Creating several live shows including; 
RanCanCan Burlesque Show (1st established in 2009 & Revised in 2019); Puerto Rico's 1st Burlesque Dance Production,  previously & currently located in the El San Juan Hotel
Miss Dakota' s Gypsy Rose; A Display of Latin & Jazz Style & Dances with a touch of Burlesque

Burlesque Brunch LA; Created in response to audience, patrons unavail for evening events. Dakota teamed up with event spaces & eateries to display live jazz trio, singers Lyndsay Halderson & Jessie Payo as well as guest features & LAs hottest Burlesque Dancers 2014-2018

Les Dolls Cabaret; A Modern Day Caberet showcasing music from 80s to Current with featured Artists & Performers 2014-2017

Bad Betty: A Retro Renegade Rock n' Roll Cabaret Starring Artist Jessie Payo & Band, with original material & cover songs performed with a Tarantino style estetic & dance ensemble 2015-2018

Concrete Kiss: A Femme Fatale Rock'nRoll Cabaret, Created in lieu of Jessie Payo not being availble for all BAD BETTY Dates. Ashley Willis stars as front women & singer, along with Band & Dance ensemble 2016- Current (Currently ownership of show has been passed on)

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